"The Spice Isle"

Known for its luscious greenery and its abundance of spices, such as nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, Grenada is a top favorite in the sailing community.  With its historic forts, spice plantations, and rum distilleries, you are sure to have a unique yachting experience.


Enjoy some breathtaking snorkeling at Moliniere Point, and if you enjoy diving, let us arrange a dive at the Underwater Sculpture Park, which includes a tribute to African slaves thrown overboard during the Middle Passage.


Known for its coral reefs, the “boat-building” community includes a variety of rum shops and Tyrell Bay, a horseshoe-shaped beach that yields beautiful turquoise waters.


Enjoy a nice sail across to Union Island, which is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The roads and trails offer some of the best biking and hiking in the Grenadines.  Be sure to get a drink on Happy Island, an island made entirely from conch shells.


Tobago Cays offer the most magnificent beaches for swimming, tanning, and snorkeling in the Caribbean.  It is known for breath-taking scenery, abundant water activities, amazing coral reefs, and sea turtle watching.


Petit Martinique, Grenada’s northern most island, is a little gem.  The residents live by boat-building, fishing, and seafaring.  It’s a great place to come ashore to relax and remove yourself from the stressors of life.


No Grenada charter is complete until you explore the capital city of Grenada.  As you witness the multi-colored homes with an emerald green backdrop, stroll along the Carenage for a scenic waterfront walk.